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Special Thank you to all those who participated in the Two-Year Anniversary Showing of the Scottish Rite CInematic Reunion!

If you haven’t registered as a member or candidate or subscribed to our mailing list already, be sure to follow the link below so you can stay informed on the next opportunity the Cinematic Reunion will be available to experience.  

Witness the cinematic communication of twenty-nine degrees
of the ancient & accepted scottish rite of freemasonry

The Scottish Rite of Missouri is proud to present a most triumphant cinematic adventure of Freemasonry through a visionary new lens of exaltation and glory. The Scottish Rite of Missouri premiered the Cinematic Reunions the Winter of 2020 and has continued with multiple online events for the convenient pleasure and edification for Scottish Rite Candidates and existing Members alike.

Featuring a galvanizingly vivid production of the cinematic communication of twenty-nine Scottish Rite Degrees, starring our very own brothers across all five Scottish Rite Valleys of Missouri, we hope you’ll join us for the next opportunity to witness the show! 

Registration for Members and Candidates will remain open. However, accessibility will be limited until the next showing of the Cinematic Reunion.

We encourage you to check out the TESTIMONIALS section of the website to see what many other Brothers across the world have stated of their experience in witnessing the Scottish Rite Cinematic Reunion, and encourage your fellow Master Masons to join Scottish Rite, as well as your fellow Scottish Rite Brothers to enjoy this incredible and inspiring program if they have not already.    

Future updates and reminders will be sent to all those who have already registered.

Stay tuned for more info!

Join the brotherhood of wisdom, strength & beauty AT A SCOTTISH RITE VALLEY NEAR YOU!

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