Missouri Scottish Rite

Virtual Cinematic


Save the Dates!

Tuesday Premiere
December 29, 2020
7:00pm CST

Saturday Morning
January 9, 2021
10:0am CST

Thursday Matinee
January 14, 2021
3:00pm CST

Special Encore Presentation
February 2, 2021
7:00pm CST

Witness the cinematic communication of all twenty-nine degrees
of the ancient & accepted scottish rite of freemasonry

Missouri Scottish Rite is proud to present a most triumphant cinematic adventure of Freemasonry through a visionary new lens of exaltation and glory. In association with The LIGHT Foundation & LIGHT Box Productions, and Praetorian Motion Pictures (Johnny Royal, 33 & Beyond: The Royal Art of Freemasonry), Missouri Scottish Rite is premiering Virtual Cinematic Reunions for the convenient pleasure and edification for Scottish Rite Candidates and existing Members alike. Featuring a galvanizingly vivid production of the communication of all twenty-nine Scottish Rite Degrees, starring our very own brothers across all five Scottish Rite Valleys of Missouri, and crafted alongside Emmy award-winning film and music producers – fellow Scottish Rite brothers hailing from the Valley of Los Angeles. We hope you’ll join us for this most sublime and momentous occasion. Coming soon directly to your home! 

Join the brotherhood of wisdom, strength & beauty

A Special Announcement from the
Sovereign Grand Inspector General

Illustrious Brother Robert W. Cockerham, 33°

Scottish rite degrees

Degree Schedule

Tuesday premiere
December 29, 2020
7:00pm CST

4° – Secret Master
5° – Perfect Master
6° – Confidential Secretary
7° – Provost & Judge
14° – Perfect Elu
15° – Knight of the East, of the Sword, or of the Eagle
18° – Knight of Rose Croix
19° – Grand Pontiff
20° – Master of the Symbolic Lodge
21° – Noachite or Prussian Knight
22° – Knight of the Royal Axe
30° – Knight of Kadosh
31° – Inspector Inquisitor
32° – Master of the Royal Secret

Saturday morning
january 9, 2021
10:00am CST

4° – Secret Master
8° – Intendant of the Building
9° – Elu of the Nine
10° – Elu of the Fifteen
14° – Perfect Elu
16° – Prince of Jerusalem
18° – Knight of Rose Croix
23° – Chief of the Tabernacle
24° – Prince of the Tabernacle
25° – Knight of the Brazen Serpent
26° – Prince of Mercy
30° – Knight of Kadosh
31° – Inspector Inquisitor
32° – Master of the Royal Secret

Thursday matinee
january 14, 2021
3:00pm CST

4° – Secret Master
11° – Elu of the Twelve
12° – Master Architect
13° – Royal Arch of Solomon
14° – Perfect Elu
17° – Prince of Jerusalem
18° – Knight of Rose Croix
27° – Knight of the Sun
28° – Knight Commander of the Temple
29° – Knight of Saint Andrew
30° – Knight of Kadosh
31° – Inspector Inquisitor
32° – Master of the Royal Secret

In addition to the outlined degrees above,
each broadcast will also include incredible Masonic Education, Philanthropic Updates, 
a Youth Program Overview and so much more!

*Final Schedule of Degrees per showing of the SRVCR subject to change leading up to the events. However, the five mandatory degrees (4, 14, 18, 30 & 32) are confirmed to be shown each date.

Total runtime of each Reunion will be about 165 minutes.

Future updates and announcements will be made prior to the show dates to all members and candidates who have registered and/or subscribed already.

Welcome to the Missouri Scottish Rite Virtual Cinematic Reunion!

We look forward to seeing you at our encore performance!

Tuesday, February 2, 2021 
6:00pm CST - Chat Room Opens
6:30pm CST - New Pre-Show Begins
7:00pm CST - Cinematic Show Begins