Scottish Rite Cinematic Communications

Special Request for use by SGIGs and Deputies
in the Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction

Wondering if the Scottish Rite Cinematic Communications would work well for a Reunion in your Orient?

Check out the SCOTTISHRITE.LIVE website to see what viewers, both existing Members and Scottish Rite Candidates alike, have stated about their experience in participating in a Cinematic Reunion, in the Testimonials Section. You’ll also find a FAQ page, as well as other information about the Cinematic Communications on this website.

To view the full run-time spreadsheet of the Master Cut of the Cinematic Reunion as it usually plays, and see what other supplemental Scottish Rite cinematic materials are available, CLICK HERE.

You can view the cinematic testimonial trailer of the Scottish Rite Cinematic Communications by clicking the thumbnail below.

Please complete the form below to indicate your interest in utilizing the Scottish Rite Cinematic Communication Video Materials for specific programming use in your Orient.