Scottish Rite Candidate and Member Testimonials
from the Previous Cinematic Reunions

“The Cinematic Reunion is TREMENDOUS!!!

This may well be viewed years from now as a very significant
and historic watershed moment in our Rite."

-Sovereign Grand Commander, Ill. Bro. James D. Cole, 33°

“I can only say WOW!  That was beyond all expectations. You have truly made a production that is awe-inspiring, visually stunning, and of the highest quality. Nothing could surpass my expectations more as far as the production quality of this program.

You truly deserve congratulations and gratitude from all of Scottish Rite for this masterpiece.”

-Bro. Tim S., 32°

“This was AWESOME! I am looking forward to the future Reunions.

This knowledge needs to be shared with all Masons.”

-Bro. Don B., 32°

“This incredible Reunion experience brings together my thoughts of God and of humanity in a focused equilibrium. This presentation was phenomenal and will last forever in my heart and soul.”

-Bro. Herb W., 32°

"As someone who has attended and participated in reunions for over 20 years, I have found each session to be a transformative event for me. I also learned something during each session.

Congratulations to the entire team."

- Ill. Bro. Robert T. Thomas, 33°, Past Grand Master of Missouri

“This experience was bone-chilling, to say the least. I can never forget this experience. I got very emotional and tears actually streamed down my face.”

-Bro. Lotanna O., Candidate

“The reunion was magnificent from start to finish. I was totally immersed in the sequence of displays and narratives. Watching this affords the opportunity to see something different, hear something new, and improve my grasp of the wealth of allegory that was presented.

Seeing and hearing from the Sovereign Grand Commanders of the Southern and Northern Jurisdictions added special significance to the reunion.”

-Bro. Bernard T., Candidate

“I was truly enlightened. It was a great presentation, and I can't wait for the next one.”

– Bro. John I., 32°

“The Cinematic Reunion was outstanding. When I became a Master Mason in the Blue Lodge, I thought my eyes were opened, but now my eyes have really opened up. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.

Becoming a Master Mason in the Scottish Rite was not only a dream, but also an honor and a privilege.”

– Bro. Victor M., 32°

“Simply amazed. Looking forward to the next installments.”

– Bro. Chad B., 32°

“It was amazing. I am leaving this evening with new thoughts, hope and greater knowledge.”
– Bro. John M., 32°

“I'm speechless and amazed at the work put into this production and cannot wait to see in person.”

– Bro. Jonathan T., 32°