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Pay It Forward

Pay it forward

Scottish Rite Cinematic Productions

You asked for it - Now you can be a part of the legacy

Due to the overwhelming positive feedback of this program, and many brethren expressing a desire to contribute to its future success and sustainability, we are proud to offer this new avenue of meaningful involvement and participation in ensuring the Scottish Rite Cinematic Productions reach as many of our Brothers around the world as possible. 

Our Mission

By paying it forward, you not only participate in creating future Scottish Rite Cinematic content while helping to sustain the current Cinematic Reunion programming, but you also enable its many features and experiences to be utilized for FREE for Scottish Rite Masons around the world.

Help us keep this Masonic flame alive and thriving for our Scottish Rite Masons everywhere, as well as Master Masons joining the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

What Is Pay It Forward?

The Scottish Rite Cinematic Productions are FREE for Scottish Rite viewers around the world, and we intend to keep it that way. But it takes a dedicated and professional full-time commitment, as well as many various administrative and web-hosting costs, to adequately function.

This is where you come in.

Our ongoing endeavors include the Cinematic Reunion experiences hosted semi-annually, which have reached thousands of Scottish Rite Masons. We work with each and every Orient and Valley at their request to utilize these features for their own Reunions and Education Programs. We are currently developing future Scottish Rite Cinematic content, including the new online and interactive education series – “The Missouri Scottish Rite Academy: Masonic Light Revealed” – featuring world-renown Masonic Scholars.

Here are just a few reasons why YOU play a critical role in these ongoing endeavors:

Every contribution helps us maintain the current programming that thousands of Scottish Rite Masons have experienced, as well as offering a meaningful pathway to Scottish Rite Membership that hundreds of Masons around the world have benefitted from, who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to join and get involved in our Fraternity.

The Scottish Rite Cinematic Materials are not just regulated to the semi-annual worldwide virtual experiences for Scottish Rite Masons and Master Masons who are joining. ALL of the Cinematic Materials produced are now freely and readily available for ANY Orient and Valley to utilize in their Reunions. From viewing the entire show, to specific Degrees and Educational Segments, these materials have already vastly benefitted the Reunions and programs of numerous Orients and Valleys.

However, due to the sensitive, exclusive, and private nature of these remarkable Cinematic Materials, managing the special use of these assets isn’t as simple as emailing Brothers links to videos. It requires a meticulous and professional process of administration, supervision, authorization, and organization that often requires an around-the-clock 24/7/364 approach. We must ensure every representative in whatever Orient and Valley not only has what they need for their own tailor-made program, but are confident in using the features and tools available to them.

Feedback we have received from many Brothers is that this Cinematic Program has literally SAVED their Valley. We are pleased to offer YOU the opportunity to help continue spreading the benefits these materials provide.

PAY IT FORWARD and help existing Reunions, Degree work, and Programs in various other specific Orients and Valleys.

Your contribution helps offset necessary production and administrative costs incurred from creating professionally produced Cinematic content. The Scottish Rite Cinematic Reunion is just the beginning for producing awesome Scottish Rite content to be enjoyed and experienced virtually. We are still seeing amazing, game-changing benefits from its programming across the board, with valuable prospects for our Fraternity. Aside from the brand-new Scottish Rite Educational program currently in development, our hope is to continue to create stellar content for Scottish Rite Masons to experience and actively participate in for years to come.

PAY IT FORWARD and help our creators do what they do best without charging exorbitant single-use prices or monthly subscription fees.

Not only does paying it forward benefit you, but it allows you to amplify Masonic Light around the globe. You can know that your contribution is helping Masons everywhere not just enjoy enlightening, life-changing inspirational content, but also know that you are making a significant and positive difference for the thousands of Masons who benefit from the Cinematic Programs and associated materials.

PAY IT FORWARD and enable us to keep these Cinematic Programs and materials FREE for those who need them.

Contributing to the cause of the Scottish Rite Cinematic Productions not only works to offset certain necessary expenses incurred by the actual production, administration, web-hosting and development, etc, but paying it forward directly benefits those positively impacted by the Principal Charitable efforts of the Scottish Rite: The RiteCare Childhood Language and Literacy Programs, Youth Scholarships, and Disaster Relief. In fact – through the efforts of the Cinematic Productions already, tens of thousands of dollars, hundreds of volunteer hours, and other resources have been made available to those desperately in need of assistance through the Scottish Rite Philanthropic efforts.

PAY IT FORWARD and support those who need it the most who are served by the Principal Charities of the Scottish Rite.

You can earn perks based on your level of contribution. This could be an in-person or virtual visit to the production set of future productions, your name in the credits and contributors’ section of the website, and upcoming messaging, or something special from your favorite episode in the future.

PAY IT FORWARD and become an essential part of what has been adequately described as the most revolutionary and pioneering development in Scottish Rite Freemasonry in decades.

That’s right – YOU can become an official Producer of the Scottish Rite Cinematic Reunion, and the all-new Scottish Rite Educational Series currently in development, and we would love to credit you as such, as part of an extraordinarily meaningful endeavor in spreading the True Light of Freemasonry around the world.

Contributing Producers, Sustaining Producers, Producers, and Executive Producers will be credited in future features of the Cinematic Reunion, future episodes of Scottish Rite Cinematic content, as well as on the ScottishRite.Live website and associated messaging platforms.

PAY IT FORWARD. Don’t just witness the Legend – become a part of the Legacy.

Your Perks and Impact

$14 - $132

Help Sustain Current Programs
Support the Principal Charities of Scottish Rite
Pay it Forward

$133 - $514
Contributing Producer

Help Sustain Current Programs
Help Create Future Content
Support the Principal Charities of Scottish Rite
Pay it Forward

$515 - $1,032

Help Sustain Current Programs
Help Create Future Content
Vote on Upcoming Content
Support the Principal Charities of Scottish Rite
Pay it Forward

$1,033 - $3,199

Producer Title in Credits
Help Sustain Current Programs
Help Create Future Content
Vote on Upcoming Content
On-Set Production Visit for TWO People
Support the Principal Charities of Scottish Rite
Pay it Forward

$3,200 - $5,000
Executive PRODUCER

Executive Producer Title in Credits
Help Sustain Current Programs
Help Create Future Content
Vote on Upcoming Content
On-Set Production Visit for FOUR People
Be Personally Featured in New Content
Support the Principal Charities of Scottish Rite
Pay it Forward

** For gifts in excess of $3,000, we encourage you to contact us to make your impact.
Call us today at (833) 325-3245.

Your Pay it Forward Investment is being receipted and processed through The LIGHT Foundation, a charitable 501(c)(3) Missouri organization whose purpose is to help youth succeed and directly supports Scottish Rite programming.

Thank you to those who have Paid it Forward!

The LIGHT Foundation

Dale Ahle

Bret Akers

Dean Alban

Jermaine Allen

Derek Androvett

William Archibald

Stephen Baker

Levi Banker

Altemir Barbosa

Ernest Boulicault

Robert Bowles, III

Nicholas Breedlove

Mircea Bucin

Dennis Burkholder

Evan Bush

Louis Campbell

Craig Caskey

Peter Cauchon

Larry Cheatham

David Chichinadze

Jonce Chidister

Thomas Christopher

Robert Cockerham

Stacy Cockerham

Alicia Cockerham

Ryan Cockerham

Quentin Cockerham

Sabrina Cockerham

Scot Cooler

James Creech

Randy Davis

Paul DeMerath

Brandon Detra


Dedjaran Dunbar


Michael Fischer

Leslie Flowers

Ryan Friday

Michael Garoutte

David Gilman

Edgardo Gonzalez

Robert Gore

Emmanuel Guttierrez

Joseph Gyulay


Tim Hansen

James Hardy

Kenton Harper

Steven Harrison

Donald Hartson

Steven Hayes


Joshua Herbig

Josa Hernandez

David Hoffman

Paul Hoover

Christopher Hughey

Dominique Jennette

Richard Jordan

Richard Kaeser, Jr.

Jeffrey Kitsmiller, Jr.

Travis Lawrence

Marsh Lukens

Roger Lynch

Edward Manoukian

Michael McKenzie


J R Mease

David Menshaw

Sheri Mistretta

Harry Moppins

Jessie Morrison

Lance Otis

Jeffrey Parrotte

Matthew Quesenberry

Daniel Quesenberry

John Redmond

Thomas Repp

Kevin Ritter

Billy Rollins

Patrick Schneider

Todd Schulze

William Shansey

Aaron Shoemaker

Dan Smothers

Shaun Stagner

Edward Sullivan

Kevin Standen

George Taggart

Jacob Thompson

Sarah Thomson

Keith Tomazi

Jay Traxel

William Urban, Jr.

Jack Vernon

Scott Wagner

Patrick West

Kevin Wheeler

Michael Wheeler

Herman Wilson

Randall H. Wilson

Robert Wiseley

Kurt Witzel

Celest Witzel

Brian Young